Let Go of Your Crutches

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Imagine that you have been seeing everyone walk with crutches your entire life. As soon as you were old enough, you were given your own crutches, and you were taught how to walk using them to support your weight. Now you have lived your entire life with these sticks, and it’s the norm. What will happen to you if someone takes them away? Will you collapse?


Of course you will collapse, for you have never walked without your crutches. But will you die in the same spot? Or will you eventually figure out that the human body is built to walk without crutches, that you can stand on your own two feet?

Beliefs are the crutches that you don’t know you don’t need. Just let go. Fall into the pit of meaninglessness, insecurity, and the unknown. You are afraid that you are insignificant without your beliefs, or that you won’t be able to face the sorrow and the misery that is to come, that has already come . All of it is true. But not because beliefs are necessary, but because you have grown dependent on them. So you will figure out eventually that you have the strength to face your own life, that life is meaningful even without your belief and your dependence on your gods, ideologies, your opinions, your possessions, your parents, your children, your husband or your wife. Then, without your crutches, you will run. And you will love, without fear or hope! Don’t believe me, assume that it’s true. And then test it. The potential reward is worth the risk.




Student of everything, precisely articulating to learn constantly

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Student of everything, precisely articulating to learn constantly

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